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      Youi Group organized a sodality "Encounter at the Taihu Lakeside, Find the right preson"

      The date of the event:2017-02-13 14:42:57Reading:3879

      Youi Group organized a sodality "Encounter at the Taihu Lakeside, Find the right preson"

      On October 15th, 2016, the sodality "Encounter at the Taihu Lakeside, Find the right preson",  which was organized by the resort Chamber of Commerce, attracts about 98 single ladies and   gentlemen.
      In order to let the handsome boys and beautiful girls to open their minds to each other, the  association designed a series of games to guide single youth know each other well in harmony and  warm atmosphere. With interesting games, girls and boys gradually put down the reserved, and  enhanced understanding. After the activity, they stayed in contact and said: "Even if there is no  love, it is also meaningful to harvest friendship."
      This event has been well planned, through the WeChat group, enhanced the effect of the activities  of the scene. The success of the event contributed to establishment of social relations, and  created a good area of employment environment.

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