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      Invitation of ANUGA 2017

      The date of the event:2017-08-19 08:22:24Reading:3820
      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I am so glad to tell you that we will attend ANUGA in Germany from October 6th to October 11th,2017.

      Warmly welcome to visit our booth at Passage 2-4/F138, and please kindly let me know your time schedule, so that we can arrange accordingly.

      Just feel free to contact with me if you have any further questions.

      Looking forward to meeting you there.

      Have a nice day!

      Thanks & Best Regards!

      Jason Zhang
      Foreign Trade Department Suzhou Youi Foods Co., LTD( Manufacturer )
      Add: No.2666 Puzhuang Avenue, Linhu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou 215105, China
      E-mail: Saleo@youi.cn
      Skype: jasonzcc
      Mob/WhatsApp:+86 18936099123
      Fax: +86 512 66378937
      Web: www.gyzjshxc.com

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      Tel: +86-0512-66377779Email: Jim@youi.cn , arey@youi.cn(International Market), saleo@youi.cn(International Market)Technical Support: Information TechnologyDepartment

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